Bin Tere Zindgi Novel by Nazia Kanwal Nazi

Bin Tere Zindgi Novel by Nazia Kanwal Nazi is urdu novel novel based on love story , we also say that this is romantic novel , in singal file you can read online and also download this romantic novel , you must also read the other famous writer books on our site, the writer has … Read more

Abnormal Ki Diary By Cabir Chaudhary

cabir chaudhary is famous Pakistani psychologist his first book of Abnormal Ki Diary By Cabir Chaudhary most seller book in the history of pakistan . more the 100 country take his services as psychologist ,his other four book is also consider the most seller book in now a days, it id enough to say that … Read more

What is short story

What is short story;A short story is a piece of prose fiction that typically can be readin one sitting and focuses on a self-contained incident or series oflinked incidents, with the intent of evoking a “single effect” ormood. The short story is a crafted form in its own right As William Boyd, the award-winning British … Read more

Absurdity of life in Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

What is absurdity of life:Absurdity of life in Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka,The use of absurdity in literature is a vehicle for writers to explore those elements in the world that do not make sense. It examines questions of meaning and life , and writer often used absurd themes, characters or situations to question whether meaning … Read more

Pakistan travel and tourism Islamabad

Pakistan travel and tourism Islamabad is about the capital of pakistan.Pakistan is famous country of south Asia , Pakistan has historically and culturally much important country with its neighbors Iran , Afghanistan India and china. Pakistan and India achieved his independent in 1947 , Pakistan travel and tourism now a days a very hot topic … Read more

when the moon split a complete biography of Holy Prophet (SWA)

when the moon split

This book when the moon split is biography of the holy prophet Mohammad , a very precious and exalted subject in which the Muslim come to know about the rise of Islam you well come to why the manners are so impotent for good life REVIEit it is necessary to all human of the worlds … Read more