Paradox:An apparently self-contradictory statement, or one that seems in conflict with all logic and opinion, yet ,lying behind the superficial absurdity is a meaning or truth.Some of Donne’s poems are extended paradoxical argument, full of witty comparisons and unexpectedreversals, as, for instance, ’Death, Be Not Proud. Paradox: The child is father of the men. There … Read more

The Heinous Practice of Vani

The Heinous Practice of Vani, Every culture is amalgamation of certain norms, values, customs and taboos. This culture collectively represent the mindset of the local population and their position in social life. Culture is the system or a way of life , which is shared by the large number of people. All the nation has … Read more

Return the Bodies top trend on twitter in Pakistan

Return the Bodies top trend on twitter in Pakistan. its basically a father story from Kashmir his son killed by arms and still not receive his dead body. He was killed in an encounter in Srinagar on December 30 and his body has not yet been handed over to his family. There is a complete … Read more

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence Something interesting is going on in the 21st-century working environment: The more innovation we have in this advanced age, the more we robotize tasks and trust machines to assume control over duties, the more we understand the importance of feelings. Emotional intelligence is our capacity to recognize feelings in ourselves as well as … Read more

Power and Corruption

power and corruption

Power and corruption are two related concepts, and they have been tested as a unified theme in all genres. Power is tested in books on many different levels, from the power of other people to power over life or death itself. And with any kind of power comes the power and corruption, often regarded as … Read more

Mythology and Literature

Mythology and literature

The connection between Mythology and literature is one of trust. Although texts cannot be turned into fables and Mythology cannot be reduced to Literature, none of this can be done on its own: mythology has always been an “essential element of literature”. It does more than just preserve the intricate design of the world’s fictional … Read more

Spanish Flu

The Spanish flu influenza of 1918, the deadliest pandemic in history, infected an estimated 500 million people worldwide – about a third of the world’s population – and killed an estimated 20 to 50 million victims, including about 675,000 Americans. The Spanish flu of 1918 was first identified in Europe, the United States, and parts … Read more

Meer Taqi Meer

Meer Taqi Meer

Meer Taqi Meer’s real name was Muhammad Taqi and pen name is Meer. The great Urdu poet Meer Taqi Meer  (1722 / 23-1810) was born in Akbarabad, now Agra, into a very poor family. His father, a religiously devout man, wanted him to follow the path of devotion and found Syed Amanullah, a young man … Read more

Pakistan economy collapse

Pakistan economy collapse, According to Professor Robbins: “Economics studies the behavior of man and society in which he seeks to fulfill unlimited desires through limited means.” Pakistan is our homeland and it come to exist in 1947. If we look up the chapter of history, we know Pakistan’s strong demand was accepted by the British … Read more