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Adsterra vs Adsense | which company is the best in 2023

In today article we are going to talk about Adsterra vs Adsense which company is the best in 2023.

Adsterra vs Adsense

You must meet Google requirements to monetize your site with AdSense. There is no need any requirment for you to monetize your website with Adsterra. adsense company gives us extra earnings on traffic from all countries whereas adsterra gives us good earnings on traffic from premium countries only. Adsense allows us to monetize websites in limited categories while adsterra allows us to monetize our website in every category. adsense gives us minimum withdrawal of 100$ while adsterra gives us minimum withdrawal of 5$.


AdSense is Google advertising company. Google AdSense provides us with advertiser ads. We monetize our website with Google Adsense, then display Adsense ads on our website. Google Adsense is a very big and popular company all over the world. Adsense pays you 68% of 100% of advertiser’s ads. Which is a good amount. Adsense company is a good company among companies.
adsense which gives you more income.


Adsterra is an advertising serving company. This makes it much easy to get your website approved. This company gives you extra income for direct link promotion in addition to other advertisements. adsterra gives you minimum 5$ cashback. Advertiser pays us 70% of 100% of advertiser’s advertising payments. The industry gives us such approval on every category website.

Why use Adsterra?

If Adsense doesn’t monetize your website and your website has traffic from premium countries then you can use Adsense.

Why use Adsense?

adsense gives you good income and adsense gives us high cpc which makes us good earning. Adsense gives us good income on traffic from all countries. If you also want to monetize your website then Adsense company is perfect for you.


Q1: Is Adsterra better than AdSense?

Both Adsterra and AdSense are popular advertising networks, but the answer to whether Adsterra is better than AdSense depends on various factors, including the goals of the website or blog owner, the type of audience, and the website’s traffic.

Q2: How much does Adsterra pay per 1000 impressions?

Adsterra pays its publishers based on various factors, such as the type of ad format, the quality of traffic, the geographic location of the traffic, and the advertiser demand. As a result, the payment rates per 1000 impressions can vary widely.

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