Pakistan economy collapse

Pakistan economy collapse, According to Professor Robbins: “Economics studies the behavior of man and society in which he seeks to fulfill unlimited desires through limited means.” Pakistan is our homeland and it come to exist in 1947.

If we look up the chapter of history, we know Pakistan’s strong demand was accepted by the British government but they were not willing to accept it wholeheartedly, so they handed over a fragmented economically weak Pakistan with the belief that it would soon join India.

Pakistan economy collapse

If we look at the nascent Pakistan and today’s Pakistan economically, our situation is not much better. Even then we were and still are suffering from internal and external problems,Due to terrorism, power outages, lack of heavy machinery industry, investors in Pakistan had started moving to other countries, which led to rising unemployment in the country, to meet the needs of the country. Requires foreign exchange.

Pakistan has always knocked on the door of the IMF to make up for the shortfall in foreign exchange. Government instability and the global epidemic in 2019 have contributed to a further collapse of the collapsing economy.

Pakistan economy collapse

But some timely positive steps by the current government have a positive impact on the economy. Last year, Pakistan’s exports stood at 1.89 billion and in 2020 it was 1.998 billion, an improvement of 5.8%.Every year, an average of 445,000 students graduate from universities in Pakistan who do not get jobs according to their skills.

To address this problem, the government has started the process of training on online (freelancing) which has also yielded encouraging results. In 2020, Pakistan was ranked fourth in terms of freelancing.

But even here, young people are facing a lot of problems due to lack of attention of the government off Pakistan. The world’s largest online buying and selling company AMAZON is not in Pakistan with annual sales of 96.15 billion a single company and Pakistan has only 39.7 billion in the whole country.

.Internet access is also inaccessible. In remote areas, the network does not work, which is why young people are not able to work according to their skills 

If the present government focuses only on the field of information technology, we will not only stand on our own two feet economically, we will also become very strong economically. 
May God blessed us. Long live Pakistan!

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