LIFE THOUGHTS is as straightforward as waterway however some time when we need the life-like a sea. At that point inconvenience is begins .



Negative thoughts may go past the vastness, with respect to deepness of an ocean,deepness of an earth,deepness in the sky which may go up to an infinity.

But genuine life thoughts change the individual life more towards energy. The correct contemplation makes our life all the more simple and more functional. life is effectively and simple,If your psyche in speed with god whether it is your instructor, mother or father (these all are living god who works sacrificial way).


Here and there in the living is fundamental however lose the regard like a body without soul in it so regard is most importantly. Which means of life is to look through the spirit and looking through the spirit really looking through the God who control us towards right course.

God is an incomparable, he do the things which isn’t obvious. Be that as it may, it is useful for individuals. Circumstance is more awful. Time is troublesome. Be that as it may, a beam of expectation come and alive again so trust in yourself and GOD.


The faith and mental piece is two-approach to arrive the mountain of satisfaction. The personal circumstance mental self portrait is an individual’s insight. Individuals may attempt to hurt your interest.

Love the things which you love and carry on with the existence which suit to you, feel like a paradise. Yet, your feet on the ground. Forget and forgive yourself about occasions in a life. It is another shade of life. Life is brimming with shocks however your confidence is important. Thinking the past is actually waste of time.


Thinking about the future is endless because it may go beyond the infinity.Thinking about present is prime important. it is reality of you. It is truth on which your reality is exist.Love reality that all you have. Live in the present.Life resembles a vacuum for somebody. Life resembles a plain paper .

Life is what? The appropriate response lies in the existence itself.More you investigate more you locate the important of life. In any case, you should live in present second which you have.This present second makes your life wonderful except if until you stop a lot of reasoning . Set the standards to yourself which you need in other.

But you should live in the present moment you have. Life resembles a tune in which music is given by an events. events is good or bad however it is your life for example you appreciate the music what ever the situation you have. Life proceed onward not as a result of brain , not on account of heart however it run on the wheel of confidence which give you power .

power comes from internal identity and internal identity isn’t anything it is definite you which hide, under front of different issue which made by heart , mind . But you should live in present moment which is yours.

Life like a war. It is valid. Where aspiration cover your soul and you fly high in sky yet your soul doesn’t exist.Life resembles a feelings. It is valid .Where you swim in a deep ocean of feelings and you become a passionate idiot. However, you should live in present. Second which is yours.

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