Hassan Bin Sabah

Hassan Bin Sabah By Almas M.A , This is historical important character , now a days turkish darma series azeem saljok is also give a importent role about hasan bin sabah , he made Hassan-i Sabbāh (Persian: حسن صباح‎, romanized: Hasan-i Sabbāh) or Hassan as-Sabbāh (Arabic: حسن الصباح‎, romanized Ḥasan al-Ṣabbāḥ, full name Hasan bin Ali bin Muhammad bin Ja’far bin al-Husayn bin Muhammad bin al-Sabbah al-Himyari c. 1050 – 12 June 1124 was the founder of the Nizari Isma’li state and its fidāi military group known as the Order of Assassins.

Hassan Bin Sabah By Almas M. A

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